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Can You Use a Smart Phone on any Type of Cell Phone Plan?

It happens more often than what one might expect, a person purchases a brand-new smart phone which offers all of the latest and greatest features that they need and want only to discover that they are not able to take full advantage of everything the phone has to offer you two restrictions in their cell phone plan. After these individuals have spent a large sum of money purchasing their smart phone, now they are told that they are going to have to pay even more for a smart phone plan with their carrier. The simple truth of the matter is that in most cases a smart phone cannot be used to its greatest effectiveness on just any type of cell phone plan.

When one purchases a smart phone is important that they understand what features of the phone are supported with a cell phone plan that they currently have with their service provider. If they purchase a phone which has features which are not currently supported, it is very well likely that these features will not function unless they upgrade to a smart phone plan. Indeed, with some service providers, smart phones will not function at all unless the user is subscribed to a smart phone approved plan. This would of course mean that after purchasing their smart phone a person would not even be able to make basic telephone calls or send text messages without upgrading to smart phone plan.

Some bombs have the ability to switch the "smart phone" functions on and off according to the wishes of the user therefore enabling the user to take advantage of the phone's basic functions such as making and receiving phone calls, text messages, and voicemail without having to have a smart phone plan for when they are roaming and do not want to have to pay exorbitant smart phone access fees in addition to roaming charges. The sociality is often found on higher end phones such as the HTC brand of phones and the iPhone from Apple.

One problem that many find when purchasing a smart phone and discovering that their phone will not function for their current carrier without upgrading to a smart phone plan is that they are often charged a service fee in order to perform the upgrade. Many times the user will become quite angry at being told this and will want to simply change providers since they have to change plans anyway. What they soon discover is that the phone, which they purchased will now not function with their new provider due to being "locked-in" to their prior provider. One way they can get around this is to "jailbreak" their phone, but soon discover that doing so will void their phone warranty.

The simple fact of the matter is that you cannot use a smart phone on just any type of cell phone plan. Most of these phones are designed specifically to take advantage of the events functions and features associated with smart phone access and service plans. It is vital that a person who is looking to purchase a smart phone investigate everything associated with owning one with their current provider and how smart phones are handled by the service plan which they currently have.