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Today everyone wants a smartphone! You can choose between different brands but in the end all the smartphones will give you the same thing: more functionality!

What are the Most Popular Brands of Smartphones?

The invention of the smartphone has been seen as one of the best inventions that have come forth in the last few years. This in case has led to a lot of makers to come forth and make the most from the market that has opened up. This in the long run means that the market has grown in the last few years and there have been more and more makers that have emerged from the battle to make the best phone the fastest and for the best price possible.

The biggest known name in this market is Apple; they were the first one to make the smartphone popular and fired the first few shots in the battle. This led companies like Samsung and Motorola to fire back with offerings of their own. These were the first three combatants in the battle to make the best smartphone and offer it for the best price possible. Let's take a look at the advancements that have been made in the last few years on this market and led to a great number of other companies to enter the market and give their own offerings in this market.

Apple's big offering has been the iPhone; this was considered to be the first and most popular type of smartphone that was offered. The company offered a lot of the basic features that are considered to be standard on many of these phones these days. Things like a camera and MP3 player were just a few of the offerings that were made to help a person's life be a lot less cluttered and more efficient. When Apple made this offering, there were many that thought that the company had made a large mistake and that the iPhone would never make it.

Samsung was the second company to enter the market and offer their own version of the smartphone. The company took the product that was placed on the market by Apple and took steps to advance it and make their better and more user friendly towards many of the users that were still not used to the way that these phones worked. Over the last few years there have been more advanced features placed on these phones as well as operating systems that are designed to offer a wide more freedom that a person will have in getting things done on a daily basis.

Motorola was the third person to enter the battle. This was a significant event as the company that was used to making the phone was able to take a lot of the popular features that were seen on the previous phones and allow a person the chance to see the many advancements that Motorola was able to deliver to increase the functionality of the phone and allow a person to have a lot more usefulness in their daily life.

These are just a few of the companies that have been on the market and have taken the needed steps to allow a person the chance to get the best outcome from the use of one of these phones and see the many advantages that these companies offer. There are a lot more companies that are on the market and many more are coming onto the market on a regular basis. As the years go by, the market will get a lot more crowded and the advancements will be more popular.